PLY acoustic wall element

The sculpture-like wall elements benefit from the natural qualities of the ultra-thin plywood. The translucent and undulating surface is also acoustic. Therefore the PLY elements are ideal for homes and public areas, such as entrance halls, auditoriums, theatres, conference and meeting rooms as well as offices. They are also effective moderators: the soft surfaces make the acoustic qualities of the space more pleasant. The available variations of the PLY elements, such as perforation, improve the acoustical properties.

Designer Jouko Kärkkäinen is an experienced plywood designer, having created numerous innovative interior products and solutions. Showroom Finland received the DESIGN PLUS award for the PLY wall element in 2004.

TUOHI bark of birch panels

TUOHI is Finnish, meaning the bark of a birch. A lot of the traditional knowhow in managing the birch bark has remained to our day, starting from the loosening the bark from the tree trunks within a very limited time frame around the Finnish Midsummer as well as organizing the collection and storage of the bark for the need of the following year. The raw material we use is recycled and ecological because normally in wood processing industry the birch bark would be wasted. Showroom Finland combines modern technology and innovative design in its TUOHI collection.

Designer Tapio Anttila is one of Finland’s most productive and rewarded design talents.